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Luz del Cobre Copper Mine, Sonora, Mexico

Open Pit Mine (5 Meter Benches) with Copper Mineralization exposed on North West Face

Overview Open Pit, Eastbound View

Open Pit North Section

Preparation of Blast Holes, South Section

Blast Hole Drilling North Section




Dumping of Waste Rock (Overburden)

Ore from Open Pit to Crusher (Left/West Side of Valley Leach Fill, viewed from Open Pit))

Ore Crusher

Dumping of Ore into Crusher

Crushed Ore Conveying to Valley Fill Leach Pad

Stacking of Crushed Ore

Ore Stacking and Leaching

Pregnant Leach Solution Ponds (PLS) at East end of Valley Fill Leach Pad

Processing Plant Overview (looking East)

Tank Farm (Foreground), Solvent Extraction (Centre), Open Pit in Background to the Northwest

Rich Copper Electrolyte off Solvent Extraction Plant

Vertical Pumps to recycle Raffinate back to Leach Pad

Electrowinning Cells

Harvesting of Plated Cathodes from Electrowinning Cells

Stripping of Copper Cathodes

Final Product: Pure Copper Cathodes ready for Shipment

Nursery for Environmental Rehabilitation

Rescue of Plant Species

Team Work

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