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Luz del Cobre Copper Photo Gallery: May 2012

Open Pit Mine: Attacking Bench 630

Crusher in Operation

Crusher in Operation

Conveyor #1: from Crusher to Ore Reclamation Tunnel

Reclamation Tunnel Installed (transfer of ore to conveying system

Building up Intermediate Crushed Ore Stockpile above Reclamation Tunnel

Leach Pad Completed (view West to East towards ponds))

Leach Pad Completed (view East to West towards Crusher)

Leach Solution Pond Completed (foreground), Emergency Pond (background nearing Completion)

Visible Progress on Copper Plant: Power Station with Diesel Tanks (foreground centre),Solvent Extraction with Mixers and Settlers (centre right) and Feed Pond (centre left), Tank Farm and Electrowinning

Solvent Extraction Feed Pond in Progress

Installation of Mixers and Settlers in Solvent Extration Plant

Installation of Pipes and Pumps in Tank Farm

Piping in Electrowinning Plant

The "Heart" of the Electrowinning Plant: Installation of the Rectifier (AC to DC Converter)
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