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Francis Scola - Director (1) (2)
Mr. Scola is Managing Director of LFM Partners (investment partnership). He also serves as Director of TSX-listed White Tiger Gold Ltd. and from January, 2007 to present is Director of Ecometals Limited an exploration company focused on Ecuador. From June 2007 to present Mr. Scola is Managing Director, Shipston Group Limited (private equity) and from April 2004 he was a partner, portfolio manager and consultant for the Shipston Group, which invests in venture capital natural resource projects, private equity, currencies, futures, bonds, equities and various investment funds. Prior to this position, he was a partner and portfolio manager at Weintraub Capital Management and a partner, analyst, and portfolio manager at Touchstone Investments. Mr. Scola has also worked for Moore Capital Management, a New York-based hedge fund executing trades in the Asian region, mostly in bonds, currencies and futures. Mr. Scola holds both an M.A. in public policy with an emphasis on economic growth models and a M.B.A. focusing on finance from the University of Chicago.

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(1)   Member of the Audit Committee
(2)   Member of Compensation and Corporate Governance Committees
(3)   Member of the Operating Committee
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